Meetinghouse Care Leadership Practices for

Watch this video for ideas on how to teach members to care for your meetinghouse. Consider sharing this video in a ward council meeting. Apply ideas in this video as directed by the Spirit and your priesthood leaders.



Teach members about meetinghouse cleaning and care. Members will be more likely to participate in meetinghouse cleaning if they understand why the Presiding Bishopric has asked them to do it. Make sure they know that this is not just another activity—it’s about building testimonies and showing respect to the Lord. When counseling with members, highlight blessings they will receive when they participate, such as:

  • Showing our love and devotion to God while instilling respect for the Lord and His house.
  • Connecting with others and building unity, friendship, and feelings of belonging among members and other volunteers.
  • Feeling they have done something satisfying and worthwhile.
  • Beautifying and renewing the condition and appearance of our buildings.

Counsel with ward leaders on how to best teach and reinforce these principles.

Work effectively with your ward building representative. There are many ways a ward building representative can assist you. The ward building representative leadership page teaches several key principles that can help your ward members be successful in their efforts. Review this page for ideas on how to work with your building representative more effectively. For additional information, see Handbook 1, 8.2.

Thank those who participate. Take time to thank those who help care for our buildings. Sincere appreciation is more meaningful than we often realize.

Be involved. Even though you call a ward building representative to lead and organize meetinghouse cleaning and care, your involvement sets the example of caring for sacred places. Your actions teach others the importance of this work. If possible, take a turn cleaning the meetinghouse with your family. Your example will motivate others to participate.