Successful Meetinghouse Care Leadership Practices for

Essential Practices

Watch the videos below to learn the basic meetinghouse care practices of successful bishops.



Additional Successful Practices

Teach Members about Meetinghouse Cleaning and Care - Members will be more likely to participate happily in meetinghouse cleaning and care if they understand why the Presiding Bishopric has asked them to do it. Make sure they know that this is not about saving money. It is about building testimonies and showing respect to the Lord. You may also want to highlight some of the rewards that members can obtain through faithful participation:

  • Children and youth learn to keep things clean at the meetinghouse and at home.
  • Everyone enjoys strengthened friendships with those they serve with.
  • Members can enjoy quiet, spiritual moments in the meetinghouse and feel the Spirit.

You may want to teach these principles as part of a Sunday School class or other special meeting. Before asking the members for their dedicated participation, you may want to show the video “Reverence for the Lord's House” to invite the Spirit into the meeting.

Work Effectively with Your Ward Building Representative - There are many ways a ward building representative can assist you with meetinghouse cleaning and care. The ward building representative leadership page teaches several key principles that can help your ward be successful with their efforts. Review that page to get ideas about how you can work with your ward building representative more effectively. Thoroughly reviewing that page should take only about 20-30 minutes. You can find additional information on this topic in Handbook 1, section 8.2.

Thank Those Who Participate - People like to feel appreciated. Take time to thank those who participate. You may want to do this in a Sunday meeting or by personal contact. The more direct the appreciation is, the more meaningful it will be. Showing appreciation helps members want to participate in the future.