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A collection of online resources and information to help you fulfill your calling

Handbook 2: Administering the Church

The Aaronic Priesthood section in this new handbook will help Young Men leaders serve young men and help them understand the purpose and magnificence of the Aaronic Priesthood.

Teacher and Priest Activities

Building young men with strong testimonies in the Lord Jesus Christ, helping them magnify their priesthood duties, and preparing them to fulfill their divine roles as righteous husbands and fathers are the purposes of teacher and priest activities.

Mutual and Other Activity Guidelines

Offers guidelines, examples, and useful activities forms.

Safety and Health

The First Presidency lists safety guidelines for planning Church activities for members.

Teaching in the Savior’s Way

When we teach like the Savior, we can help others to learn and grow for themselves.

For the Strength of Youth

Help youth with key choices they are making now and will make in the future.

Overcoming Pornography

Find information for leaders about helping others avoid or recover from pornography use.

Fulfilling My Duty to God

The official program for helping young men strengthen their testimonies and their relationship with God, learn and fulfill their priesthood duties, and live the standards from For the Strength of Youth.

Preach My Gospel

Preach My Gospel will help young men become better-prepared, more spiritually mature missionaries.

Youth Theme 2018

Find videos, music, and other resources for using the 2018 theme.

True to the Faith

A book with brief, simple statements on gospel doctrines and principles, arranged alphabetically.

Leadership Training Library

These videos can be shown in stake and ward leadership meetings, council meetings, or in fifth-Sunday discussions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Provides answers to commonly asked questions about the Young Men program.