Let Them Lead

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Like all of us, young men need to be needed. They need to feel your trust and be given meaningful responsibilities. Young men who are underwhelmed by their priesthood responsibilities are more likely to be overwhelmed by the world. You must teach by word and example principles of priesthood service and leadership and, most importantly, allow them to learn through experience.

Can you remember a leader who communicated trust and high expectations? What impact did that have? How do you think Moses felt when the Lord told him, “Thou art my son. … I have a work for thee” (Moses 1:4, 6)? How can you help young men feel that same call to the work?

Communicate trust, identify opportunities for them to contribute, and communicate clear expectations.

  • Help young men learn to seek out and serve others, and give them opportunities to teach and lead.
  • Extend callings to Aaronic Priesthood leaders as described in General Handbook: Serving in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 30.2. Teach them their responsibilities, and plan follow-up meetings to receive reports (see General Handbook, 10.3).

Teach them at every opportunity.

  • Teach them by word and example principles of priesthood service and leadership. Prepare them for future leadership responsibilities.
  • Teach them about the power and duties of the Aaronic Priesthood.
  • Teach them how to minister and rescue the one.
  • Help them prepare agendas and conduct meetings.
  • Guide them in how to prepare an inspired lesson.
  • Help them to recognize the Holy Ghost and how to receive revelation.
  • Extending callings, presidency meetings, ministering visits, quorum meetings, and activities all provide opportunities to learn leadership principles.
  • Regular presidency meetings will help young men be effective leaders for their quorums.

Elder Jeffery R. Holland has said concerning our young Aaronic Priesthood leaders: “We generally underestimate their abilities and overestimate their experience” (“Teaching in the Savior’s Way” [worldwide training broadcast, Nov. 5, 2016], broadcasts.ChurchofJesusChrist.org). What does this suggest you need to do to help young men realize their potential?

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How can you help young men understand and engage in meaningful service to their families, the Church, and their communities?