Identify Needs and Resources

When leaders are sensitive to the needs and interests of each young man and his family circumstances, understanding and quorum unity increase.

The General Handbook: Serving in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints states that “most activities should be simple and have little or no cost” and that “long-distance travel for activities is discouraged” (20.2.8; 20.6.24). Help the young men see that it’s possible to have fun in their own community, without spending a lot of money. Compiling an inventory of local resources can be very useful to help quorum leaders provide rewarding service and activities.

Here are some ideas to help you identify local resources:

  • In a ward council meeting, ask council members about resources that would be available for youth activities.
  • Conduct a survey of parents and others who might offer resources and equipment that they are willing to allow the youth to use, such as canoes, boats, fishing equipment, sports equipment, and camping equipment. The survey could also include special skills, talents, professional experience, interest, and hobbies that could be shared with the youth.

This survey should be conducted under the direction of the bishopric.

  • Use the resources from the Children and Youth website.
  • Consider using nearby physical facilities, such as national and state parks, water sports venues, campgrounds, and businesses or industries where ward members work. See the Church’s website of Recreation Camps.
  • Stake leaders may consider developing these lists at a stake level to provide greater resources to all the youth of the stake.