Plan and Calendar

Don’t just plan activities and afterwards try to find a purpose, rather plan with this larger objective in mind.

Developing well-balanced activities focusing on the spiritual, social, physical, and intellectual well-being of our youth will guide us to those things that matter most (see Luke 2:52). Activities that focus on priesthood duties and service will help build gospel-centered relationships and bring us closer to Christ. Consider the following thoughts:

  • Annual calendar. Planning on an annual basis will help us support our young men and their families in building meaningful relationships and skills and focus on those who need special attention and involvement. This will increase our ability to involve parents and families and allow them to be well informed. This type of planning will both increase the quality of our activities and lighten the time commitment required to prepare for weekly activities. See Plan with a Purpose and Plan Together.
  • Quorum involvement. We must ensure that quorum presidencies—under the direction of the bishopric—lead the planning and execution of activities. Help them to involve other quorum members in the planning so that all youth feel that they have a responsibility. The youth will benefit from this type of approach as they experience direction from the Lord through prayer, inspiration, focusing on others, and then leading out in the planning and execution of activities. Our young men are craving to be part of something bigger than themselves. Doing so will require patience, training, and an increase of love on the part of adult leaders, and it will work. (See “Why We Have Activities.”)