Aaronic Priesthood Adult Leader and Adviser Training

Introductory Video

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Guiding Principles

All young men need to become converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ and live by its teachings, including preparing to fulfill their divine roles. Carefully study the following principles that will help achieve this purpose.

Implementation Methods

The three implementation methods are to “counsel together, identify local needs and resources, and plan and develop an annual activity calendar.” These methods are interdependent. The best programs emerge from using the council method to both identify local needs and resources, then build calendars around those needs and resources.

Opportunities to Teach and Have Conversations along the Way

Young men often gain more from gospel conversations than they do from hearing lectures about the gospel. As you help young men plan activities, look for opportunities to have conversations along the way that will connect them to heaven. These conversations do not need to happen in a formal setting. Informal gospel conversations will strengthen your relationship with your young men and increase their testimony of the restored gospel.

Help young men see that the scriptures are full of examples of faithful saints who received heavenly help as they counseled together, identified needs and resources, and planned to accomplish God’s purposes, such as:

  • Nephi building a ship.
  • The brother of Jared building barges to take his people to the promised land.
  • Moses and his father-in-law serving Israel.
  • The war chapters in the book of Alma.

Instructional Videos

Aaronic Priesthood Pathway (01:28)
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