LDS Family Services

“Let our hearts and hands be stretched out in compassion toward others, for everyone is walking his or her own difficult path. As disciples of Jesus Christ, our Master, we are called to support and heal rather than condemn. We are commanded ‘to mourn with those that mourn’ and ‘comfort those that stand in need of comfort’ (Mosiah 18:9).”

(Dieter F. Uchtdorf, “You Are My Hands,” April 2010 general conference)

addiction recovery program


LDS Family Services is a private, nonprofit organization established by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to strengthen individuals and families.

Full-Time Welfare Missionary Service:

LDS Family Services seldom requests the services of full-time missionaries. These full-time welfare missionaries are required to be licensed in the specific areas of expertise in which they will serve. It is common for one partner of a missionary couple to serve using their clinical expertise, while their companion assists in a complementary assignment. Our biggest need is for Area Mental Health Advisors (AMHA). These couples provide mental health services for missionaries in areas throughout the world.  One or both of the missionaries must have experience in mental health assessment and treatment. A minimum of a masters degree in the mental health profession is required.

Part-Time Welfare Missionary Service

There is a need for Church-service missionaries to provide support to local LDS Family Service offices or Church-sponsored meetings of the Addiction Recovery Program as coordinators and facilitators. Missionaries usually live at home and serve in their own communities. Those who volunteer should possess the empathy and sensitivity necessary to work with individuals struggling with substance abuse or pornography use and its consequences.