Step by Step

Networking Overview

An image of a cord plugged into a USB port.

Meetinghouses are used across the world to help members and leaders come closer to our Father in Heaven. They are equipped with tools that assist in teaching, learning, and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. One of the tools that helps members and leaders in these efforts is internet access.

Each meetinghouse has a set of network devices that provide a reliable internet connection throughout the building. These devices include firewalls, switches, and wireless access points. By reviewing this section, technology specialists can better understand the meetinghouse network, assist leaders and members, and fulfill their calling.

Technology Specialists

The role of a technology specialist (TS) is to ensure that meetinghouse networks and interconnected devices are functioning properly. By connecting new devices, troubleshooting connection issues, and maintaining networks, the TS enables members and leaders to effectively perform the duties required for their callings.

TS Responsibilities



Facility Management Groups

The role of the facility management group (FMG) is to purchase, install, set up, and replace any necessary networking equipment. The FMG is responsible for finding and establishing an agreement with a reliable internet service provider (ISP) and purchasing and installing meetinghouse equipment. When a TS has the skills, time, and approval from the stake president, he or she may work with the FMG to install internet equipment.

FMG Tasks

  • Work with contractors to ensure proper cabling is installed
  • Contact ISPs and setting up contracts for monthly services
  • Make sure ISPs are continuing to provide negotiated internet speeds
  • Determine which types of internet connectivity are needed
  • Purchase and install internet components like firewalls, switches, wireless access points, and cabling
  • Set up a facilities zone and internet-enabled appliances
  • Adjust internet design for faster bandwidth speeds
  • Upgrade internet components as assigned by Church headquarters
  • Dispose of retired internet components