Step by Step

Firewall Overview

Cisco Unit

The meetinghouse firewall is the most important component for a secure, filtered network. The firewall prevents malicious actors from accessing meetinghouse computers. It also prevents users from accessing inappropriate sites on the internet. Church policy states that all internet traffic must be filtered through an approved meetinghouse firewall.

Facilities management groups (FMGs) are responsible for ordering and installing meetinghouse firewalls correctly. When a TS has the skills, time, and approval from the stake president, he or she may work with the FMG to install a firewall.

Technology specialists are responsible for making sure that the meetinghouse firewall remains in place, remains properly configured, and does not get bypassed. It is recommended that firewalls be checked at least once a quarter.

Meetinghouse Firewall Features

  1. The Meraki MX64, MX67, and MX68 are the only approved firewalls for meetinghouses worldwide. Any other firewall installed in meetinghouses should be replaced with the Meraki. Available features associated with this firewall include: Simplified self-activation through Church Network Manager (
  2. Facilities zone for internet-enabled appliances (click here for details).
  3. Church-approved internet content filtering.
  4. Improved network management and reporting tools.

TS Firewall Tasks