Step by Step

WAP Overview

Wireless (Wi-Fi) is a convenient way for people to connect to the network throughout the building. Once the meetinghouse firewall has been configured, a live internet connection is available both wired and wirelessly. Users can access the internet wirelessly on their devices by connecting to the private SSID “Liahona.” After entering the password for Liahona, users will be met with a splash page that requests the user to accept the terms and conditions of using meetinghouse Wi-Fi. Once accepted, users then have access to the internet.

Help Center Migration

When additional coverage is needed, wireless access points (WAPs) are set up across the building to extend the signal. Meraki WAPs must be connected directly to the Meraki managed switch and configured within Church Network Manager (CNM). Once configured, wireless devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops will be able to access the network throughout the building. Some devices, like printers, may not have an interface to accept the splash page and must be configured in the Group Policy Manager in CNM.

The facilities management group (FMG) is responsible for purchasing, installing, and disposing of WAPs. Technology specialists (TSs) are responsible for activating the WAPs and making sure they stay safe and connected. When necessary, TSs run tests to verify internet speeds and disable access points during important meetings.

TS Wireless Tasks