Step by Step

Member Tools Frequently Asked Questions

Login and Update

When I try to log in to Member Tools, it won’t accept my password; how do I fix it?
My app won't update, how do I fix it?
I don’t remember my Church Account login information; how can I reset it?
I have Automatic update enabled but it is not working; how can I fix it?
How do I update my version of Member Tools?

Updating Information

How can I update my contact information?
How do I update my household location on the map?
How do I add or update calendar events?
The Serving Missionaries list is incorrect; how do I fix it?
The Assigned Missionaries list is incorrect; how do I fix it?

Settings and Preferences

How do I change my settings to send out group text messages individually as a mass text instead of as a group text from Member Tools?
How do I change my preferred language for Member Tools without changing my device language?

Visibility Settings and Privacy

How can I limit who has access to my household's digital contact information?
Why can’t I keep notes about members in Member Tools?
Why can’t I view information for members outside of my stake or district?
Why am I seeing birth dates and other private membership information for members in my ward?

Missing or Incomplete Data

Why can’t I access the same functionality and data in Member Tools that I can access through Leader and Clerk Resources (LCR)?
Why doesn’t my calendar show events I expect to see?
I moved recently. Why is it still showing the directory for my old ward?
Why isn’t Member Tools reflecting an update made to a member’s data?
I am a local leader; why can’t I see the reports to record attendance or ministering interviews?