The Plan of Salvation

    The Plan of Salvation

    “This is my work and my glory—to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man” (Moses 1:39).

    Many of the difficult choices a young woman has to make become easier when she understands the plan of salvation. Knowing that she lived with her Heavenly Father before she was born and that He sent her here with a divine purpose can help her view her trials and challenges with an eternal perspective. Knowing that being a woman is part of her eternal identity can help her develop her divine gifts and prepare for her future. Knowing that agency is a gift and that she will be accountable for her choices can inspire her to make decisions based on eternal principles.

    Outlines to Choose from This Month

    Note to the Teacher

    You may consider inviting the young women to make a diagram or chart of the plan of salvation at the beginning of this unit. They could refer back to it throughout the unit and add scriptures or insights they gain as they study the plan of salvation.


    Consider how you can plan activities that connect with what the youth are learning. The Church’s Youth Activities site is available to assist you. Many of the learning activities in these outlines could also serve as effective Mutual activities. Work with class presidencies to select and plan appropriate activities that reinforce what the young women learn on Sunday.

    Personal Progress

    The following activities from Personal Progress relate to the lessons in this unit: