Come, Follow Me


Teaching for Conversion

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Love the Youth

  • Know them. Pray about them. Ponder their needs.

Decide What to Teach

  • Review monthly doctrinal topics and available outlines.

  • Seek the guidance of the Holy Ghost.

  • Counsel with leaders, young women, and parents.

Make a Plan

  • Pray for inspiration.

  • Think about the young women and their experiences and circumstances.

  • Study the resources, and select the activities you would like to use.

Help Them Learn, and Let Them Teach

  • Engage the young women.

  • Adapt your plan according to needs.

  • Invite the young women to apply what you discuss.

Teaching Videos

Watch videos from actual classrooms that show teachers using methods that are suggested in the learning activities in the Come, Follow Me outlines.

Download Videos

Teachers are strongly encouraged to download videos before coming to church (see instructions for downloading).

Teaching in the Savior’s Way

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Getting Started

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Youth Activities Site

Connect Mutual with what youth are learning by planning activities that reinforce what they learn on Sunday—see the Youth Activities site for ideas.