Fun Stop

    “Fun Stop,” New Era, July 2020, 42–43.

    Fun Stop

    New Era Magazine, 2020/07 July

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    The Extra Smile

    Bagley Image

    Read that part again about a mustard seed …

    Val Chadwick Bagley

    Men in a boat

    Maybe we should try fishing on the other side of the boat. It worked for Peter.

    Summer Bird

    Lion Illustration

    Call Text of the Wild.

    Jon Clark

    A Keen Eye Doth Deception Defy

    These pictures are pretending to be exactly the same. But you’re too cunning to be fooled by such blatant trickery. Can you spot all 10 differences?

    Hink Pink Think

    A hink pink is a rhyming answer to a riddle. For example, what might you call a paperback thief? A book crook! Too easy? Try this one: When a cat or dog quickly and gently reaches to touch a male pioneer’s headgear made of dried grain stalks. A straw hat paw pat. (Groaning and eye-rolling are encouraged at all times when solving hink pinks.) Can you figure out the rest?

    1. A job fixing broken pipes and leaky faucets, but only during the hottest months of the year. ______________________ ______________________

    2. Wheat, rice, barley, rye, oats, millet, sorghum, and corn planted in the broad, unbroken expanse in the middle of the United States. ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________

    3. What someone selling cobs of corn might yell to a territory’s first settlers. “__________ __________ __________, _______________________!”

    4. The bottom two removable compartments of your dresser (right under the folded t-shirts) that you set aside for storing chocolate bars, graham crackers, and marshmallows in order to be ready for a cookout at a moment’s notice. ______________________ ______________________

    5. The initial formation of a music group that performs inside of a manually pulled carriage. _______________ _______________ _______________

    6. What you’re left with after a severe windstorm forces your camping dwelling to lean a bit to one side. ________________ ________________

    7. Something poisonous to large draft animals. ________________ ________________

    8. When you see a shooting star the night before a lake outing, and you use the occasion to ask the universe to help you catch some trout in the morning. ________________ ________________

    9. A horse- or ox-drawn conveyance for scaly, fire- breathing monsters. ________________ ________________

    10. What a large male red deer curls up inside, zips up to his chin, and then sleeps through the night in after crying himself to sleep from a bad day. ______________ ______________ ______________ ______________

    11. Advanced machinery built in service of a long, arduous journey (such as the wagon odometer invented by William Clayton and Orson Pratt). ___________________ ____________________

    12. The worm who slept in, missed the early bird, but got snatched up and used on a hook anyway. ___________________ ____________________


    A Keen Eye Doth Deception Defy

    blue spot on graffiti, color on graffiti, spot on dog’s head, color on sunglasses, mustache, center of paisley pattern on bandana, spots on dog’s legs, frog under skateboard, cat’s tongue, skateboard wheels

    Hink Pink Think

    1. summer plumber 2. Great Plains eight grains 3. “Buy an ear, pioneer!” 4. s’mores drawers 5. handcart band start 6. bent tent 7. oxen toxin 8. fish wish 9. dragon wagon 10. weeping stag sleeping bag 11. trek tech 12. late bait.