“Connect,” New Era, July 2020, 40–41


    People in the Dominican Republic

    Adriana T., 17, Dominican Republic, (left) age 18

    In our family, everyone helps.

    More than anything, I love to cook. I make pastries, cupcakes, little cookies, meat and rice dishes—anything, really! I also like to teach classes. I love it whenever I’m invited to teach a Young Women class.

    I came to the FSY conference because I had a question I wanted answered. I have a scholarship to go to college, but I feel that I should serve a mission. If I go, I’ll lose my scholarship. But if I stay and become a teacher, I can work and pay for my schooling at the same time. During FSY, one sister talked about her patriarchal blessing. I’m preparing to receive my own patriarchal blessing now, and I hope that when I receive it, I will know better what Heavenly Father has planned for me. I love the youth programs and FSY because they strengthen youth. Because the truth is, we all need peace.

    For a while after I was baptized, I would stop going to church, then go back for a while, then stop again. But members of the ward visited me and invited me to come back. They told me the Church and the members missed and needed me. I decided to come back, and I’ve been active ever since. I realized how much I needed the Church. I can pray to Heavenly Father and feel good, and I can feel the Spirit. And so here I am!

    Philippines: Youth

    Jameson P., 17, Philippines

    Growing up, I’ve loved immersing myself in athletics. I even played as part of the mayor’s team in our local basketball games. Recently I’ve also been more engaged with music. The Church has not only strengthened me spiritually, but it has also further developed my interest in these things. Now, as I continue to play sports and share my talent of singing along with other friends, I am more strengthened to use my talents and skills to invite others to come unto Christ.

    Young Woman - Hannah Martin

    Hannah M., 15, Utah, USA

    Hi! My name is Hannah. I do theatre and play soccer! I do lots of plays and musicals and get to help out in my school’s drama department. I also LOVE the temple, and for my birthday I got to go to my favorite temple, the Manti Temple! I have a lot of rehearsals, and I know when I go to the temple it keeps me calm, makes me happy, and helps me through tough times—and long rehearsals!