Fun Stop

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“Fun Stop,” New Era, Jan. 2020, 40–41.

Fun Stop

New Era Magazine, 2020/01 Jan

The Extra Smile

Viral Comic

Well, I finally went viral. … All my friends got the flu bug from me.

Jon Clark

Wifi Cartoon

Our Wi-Fi network is called “Liahona.” It works according to our faith, diligence, and our ability to complete our chores without murmuring!

Kevin Beckstrom

Dogs and Food Cartoon

Anthony! Slow down! No one is going to take your food away from you!

Are you sure about that, Mom?

Ryan Stoker

New Year, New Crossword


1. 6-down’s father’s compass

8. “I am the ____, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6)

11. Wrath

14. Clothed

15. Body part that a person has two of but that should be single (see Matthew 6:22)

16. There can’t be more than this (abbr.)

17. What 6-down and his brothers asked 1-down for

19. It’s right under your nose

20. Assist

21. “All who will come unto ____ … may be saved” (introduction to the Book of Mormon)

22. “Wo be unto him that is at ____ in Zion!” (2 Nephi 28:24)

23. Bird crib

25. “I think it’s likely”

27. Change

28. It’s thrown at a board and scored

30. Like the least well-done scrambled eggs

32. “For as in Adam all ___, even so in Christ shall all be made alive” (1 Corinthians 15:22)

33. “Please, ______ of you!”

34. Enchantment

37. What 6-down’s father dwelt in

40. Drink daintily

43. Table in Tijuana

44. Sometimes people turn over a new one of these

46. Make a mistake

47. Son of ___ (title of the Savior)

48. What the nose knows

49. “Deliver thyself as a ____ from the hand of the hunter” (Proverbs 6:5)

50. “How great thou ____” (Hymns, no. 86)

51. Like 6-down’s parents

52. Maps within maps

54. Rower’s tool

55. “I can’t drive. I need ____”

56. Verse that’s worse

62. Thick veins of ore

63. Sick

64. “Nifty!”

65. Where Daniel was thrown in with lions

66. “Do not procrastinate the ____ of your repentance” (Alma 34:33)

67. “I had seen a vision; ____ it” (Joseph Smith—History 1:25)


1. See 17-across

2. “My performance wasn’t perfect, but at least ____”

3. Slightly sorrowful

4. “I am encircled about eternally in the arms of ____ love” (2 Nephi 1:15)

5. Surgeons’ spaces (abbr.)

6. See 1-across, 17-across, 37-across, 51-across, and 41-down

7. Make it up as you go along

8. Drenched

9. Different way to say 10-down

10. See 9-down

11. “Sorry ____. The bus broke down”

12. Lifts up

13. Specialist

18. North, Central, or South in the Western Hemisphere

22. Priest who taught Samuel

24. Prune

26. Where one might use 48-down

27. He delivered the gold plates to Joseph Smith

29. Players on the same side

31. Need for playing tennis or fishing

35. Things to shift

36. “That’s right, ____ it?”

38. “Little children ____ no repentance, neither baptism” (Moroni 8:11)

39. Like Goliath

40. Released in installments or episodes

41. What we should hold fast to, according to visions of 6-down and his father

42. To direct or govern

45. What a 34-across carpet can do

48. It comes in bar or liquid form

51. “____ sorrow worketh repentance” (2 Corinthians 7:10)

53. Adam and Eve’s first home

56. “O Babylon, O Babylon, we ____ thee farewell” (Hymns, no. 319)

57. In the style of

58. Exclamation of (often pretend) alarm

59. What light-skinned people may try to get in the sun

60. Way or course (abbr.)

61. Cry of pain or dismay

Crack the Code

Can you solve these terms and phrases hidden in plain sight?

Caption Contest

Ring in the New Year by lending your best creativity to this photo! Send in your top punch lines to In the meantime, check out some favorite entries from the last contest.

Daddy, Mommy said you were cute! She needs glasses, too.

-Val S.

I know … hard to believe, but I’m a missionary. All they said I had to do was grow a foot or two. I’m 1.5! Perfect!

—Audra M.

When you show your parents a meme.

—Hannah W.

This online babysitting thing is working out great!

—Grace R.

Do you guys want to fly with an inexperienced pilot?

—Joel R.

Wait a minute. Before you launch that airplane and send it vrooming toward my face, let me put these on.

—David E.

Am I Mormon? No, silly, he died a long time ago!

—Ethan R.

School picture, no problemo.

—Elaine H.

Lobster biiiiiiiiiisque!

—Multiple submissions (check out #StudioC for the joke)

Finally, my invention is complete! Some people call it a spoon, but the “Peas Tosser” sounds way cooler!

—Lorna W.

When the seminary teacher says, “Now this is a tough one,” but you still get it right.

—Hannah L.


New Year, New Crossword

Across: 1. Liahona 8. way 11. ire 14. attired 15. eye 16. max 17. brass plates 19. lip 20. aid 21. him 22. ease 23. nest 25. I bet 27. alter 28. dart 30. runniest 32. die 33. I beg 34. magic 37. tent 40. sip 43. mesa 44. leaf 46. err 47. Man 48. smell 49. roe 50. art 51. goodly 52. insets 54. oar 55. a ride 56. bad poetry 62. lodes 63. ill 64. neato 65. den 66. day 67. I knew Down: 1. Laban 2. I tried 3. a tad sad 4. his 5. ORs 6. Nephi 7. ad lib 8. wet 9. aye 10. yes 11. I’m late 12. raises 13. expert 18. America 22. Eli 24. trim 26. tub 27. Angel Moroni 29. teammates 31. net 35. gears 36. isn’t 38. need 39. tall 40. serial 41. iron rod 42. preside 45. fly 48. soap 51. godly 53. Eden 56. bid 57. à la 58. eek 59. tan 60. rte 61. yow

Crack the Code

1. peace on earth 2. actions speak louder than words 3. long time, no see 4. no way around it 5. face plant 6. cliffhanger 7. “ ‘Give,’ Said the Little Stream”