Fun Stop
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“Fun Stop,” New Era, Oct. 2019, 42–43.

Fun Stop

New Era Magazine, 2019/10 Oct

The Extra Smile

Nephi Comic

What’s all the yelling about?

Nephi dressed up as Laban again just to scare everyone!

Summer Bird

Nephi Horse Comic

Nephi trying to teach a horse the gospel.

I say unto you nay!


Idea by Aaron J., age 14; illustrated by Arie Van De Graaff

Peekaboo Comic

How was babysitting?

Well, I think I set the world record for the longest uninterrupted game of peekaboo.

Jon Clark

A Riddle Lie

On the first day of school at Emer High School (home of the Fighting Cumoms), it was discovered that someone had stolen the school mascot, Cory the Cumom, the night before. The school administrators suspected it was an inside job, so the police questioned the teachers about their activities on the previous night.

Mrs. Nimrah said she was out running with her husband. Mr. Shule said he was at home planning an event for T.A.M.A.R. (Teachers against Mocking and Reviling). Mr. Akish said he was home grading papers. And Mrs. Omer said she was home restoring furniture. The police immediately searched Mr. Akish’s home and found Cory tied up in the garage. How did they know it was Mr. Akish?

A Bright and Sunny Challenge

With all the excitement buzzing over the new hymn collection in the works, let’s first take a look back and see how well you know the current batch. Can you correctly match up and finish these first hymn lines?

  1. There is sunshine in my soul today … (227)

  2. Improve the shining moments … (226)

  3. You can make the pathway bright … (228)

  4. Today while the sun shines … (229)

  5. Lead, kindly Light, amid th’encircling gloom … (97)

  6. Teach me to walk in the light … (304)

  7. The Lord is my light … (89)

  8. Brightly beams our Father’s mercy … (335)

  9. Work with a will

  10. Then why should I fear

  11. More glorious and bright

  12. Don’t let them pass you by

  13. From his lighthouse evermore

  14. Of his love

  15. Lead thou me on

  16. Fill the soul with heaven’s light

An Apostolic Smile

Can you tell which Apostle this is by his smile?

Halloween Party Tips

Have some Halloween fun with family and friends. Ask them to fill in the blank spaces before reading the rest of the story.

Before you [verb] a Halloween party, you’ll need to [verb] a costume. You won’t want to choose something too [adjective], but you also won’t want it to be too [adjective]. Since you’ll likely stay at the party for [amount of time], your costume should be [adverb] comfortable. Others will probably dress as [color] [plural noun] or [adjective] [mythical creature (plural)]. When you get there, the activities might include bobbing for [food] or telling [adjective] ghost stories. Don’t drink too much [color] punch or [verb] too much [adjective] candy, or you might get [adjective]. Remember to have fun and be [adjective]—Halloween is the [adjective ending in -est] time of year!


A Riddle Lie

There wouldn’t be any papers to grade on the night before the first day of school.

A Bright and Sunny Challenge:

1:C; 2:D; 3:H; 4:A; 5:G; 6:F; 7:B; 8:E

An Apostolic Smile

Elder D. Todd Christofferson