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“Article Title,” New Era, Oct. 2019, 40–41.


Chile: Youth

Mobile phones are expensive in Chile, but I set a goal in 2016 to earn enough money to buy one. For an entire year, I bought candy and alfajores1 wholesale and sold them to my friends at school. I saved everything I made. I didn’t go out to lunch, and I didn’t go to the movies.

I didn’t want to ask my parents for a phone. I wanted to be able to say I earned it myself. My dad encouraged me. “Carol, keep it up,” he would say.

I learned a lot. Nothing is free. Goals take effort, but we should never give up. When we earn things and realize how much work it takes to get them, we value them more.

I learned that I have to decide what I want to achieve and where I want to go. If I want to get married in the temple, I need to go to church and seminary and later institute and young single adult activities. And I need to date worthy young men. Achieving goals requires sacrifice now for something better later.

Carol, 15, Chile

Audralyn Hyde

Audralyn loves singing, swimming, and playing with her older brother. She has a rare disease called Sanfilippo Syndrome, which makes it hard for her to move on her own and speak. She uses her infectious giggle to make everyone feel loved and happy. Recently, the Young Women leaders and girls in her ward helped Audralyn earn her Young Womanhood Recognition. She was so excited! Through her example, those who know her have been inspired to be kind and show love to others.

Audralyn H., 13, Wyoming, USA

Young man in Columbia

I felt sad when we moved from Bogotá to Barranquilla because I had to leave my family, friends, and school. But when I went to the Barranquilla Colombia Temple open house, I felt happy. I’d never been inside a temple before. I saw the baptistry, celestial room, and sealing rooms. It was cool to think that our ancestors can be sealed to us and we can see them again. I love the temple and am preparing to return again soon.

Martín G., 11, Barranquilla, Colombia

  • A traditional South American cookie.