Fun Stop

    “Fun Stop,” New Era, Dec. 2018, 40–41.

    Fun Stop

    New Era Magazine, 2018/1Dec

    The Extra Smile

    Drummer boy

    I’m trying out for the Little Drummer Boy!

    Val Chadwick Bagley

    Family tree

    This year we have a family tree instead of a Christmas tree.

    Summer Bird

    Santa Claus- Naughty or Nice

    Are you on Santa’s naughty list?

    Ask the missionaries. We can help!

    Kevin Beckstrom

    Creative Christmas Tree

    These enterprising youth have managed to assemble themselves a Christmas tree out of nothing but hard work, creativity, and donated branch clippings from around the neighborhood.

    Can you find the four matching pairs of homemade ornaments?

    Brit Bits

    You know what they say about England and America—separated by a common language and all. We realize that some of the Hink Pinks we’ve done in the past may not have rolled off the British tongue in quite the same way they would in the States. So, here are a few just for those who speak an English of a different flavour. See if you can figure out these rhyming pairs based on these clues.

    Example: A conversation held in a rented living space. flat chat

    1. The area outside the front door of your home where you shine handheld lights into the dark. ____________________ ____________________

    2. A birthday present in the form of a small room that takes you from one floor of the building to another. ____________________ ____________________

    3. Where you wait behind a number of people to buy the latest trainers. ____________________ ____________________

    4. A place where you can tie the knot and store a car. ____________________ ____________________

    5. A tale about a large vehicle for carrying things. ____________________ ____________________

    6. A computer program that gives one access to the internet—but only to sites that sell blue jeans. ____________________ ____________________

    7. The compartment in the back of a car where one stores one’s plunder. ____________________ ____________________

    8. A speech impediment whereby one utters th- sounds instead of s- sounds because one has put too many crunchy potato snacks in one’s mouth. ____________________ ____________________

    9. The baked treat that may harm you, but you’ll take a chance and eat it anyway because it’s worth it. ____________________ ____________________

    10. A Shakespearean poem about the cover for a car’s engine. ____________________ ____________________

    Number Chain

    Use the numbers below to solve the following math problem that will help you figure out what age Joseph Smith was when he was martyred.

    Divide A by B. Take the result and divide it by C. Then add D and E. Next, subtract F. Then divide the result by C. Multiply by B. Add E. Then subtract C.

    1. Number of sections in the Doctrine and Covenants.

    2. Number of Official Declarations in the Doctrine and Covenants.

    3. Number of kingdoms of glory in the afterlife.

    4. Number of tribes of Israel.

    5. Number of books in the Book of Mormon.

    6. Total number of witnesses of the Book of Mormon.

    Random Riddle

    What do you call the fear of meeting a red-and-white-dressed, toy-bringing personage in closed or confined spaces?


    Brit Bits

    1. porch torch

    2. gift lift

    3. shoe queue

    4. marriage garage

    5. lorry story

    6. trouser browser

    7. loot boot

    8. crisp lisp

    9. risk-it biscuit

    10. bonnet sonnet

    Number Chain


    Random Riddle

    Santa Claus-trophobia