Gifts That Don’t Break the Bank

    “Gifts That Don’t Break the Bank,” New Era, Dec. 2018, 38–39.

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    Gifts That Don’t Break the Bank

    No money? No problem! You can still give great gifts for Christmas.

    New Era Magazine, 2018/1Dec

    As Christmas approaches, we begin to think about gifts we can give. We want others to know that we love and appreciate them. Sometimes we might not be able to buy gifts—but that doesn’t mean you can’t give gifts! Here are some Christmas gifts that won’t break the bank.

    Christmas Kindness

    Perform small acts of kindness. Showing your appreciation for someone else can be as simple as making your mom’s bed or dropping off a few holiday snacks to a neighbor. You can leave this tag as well to encourage them to pass it on.

    Coupon Book

    Give a book full of “coupons” for gifts such as one free hug or a night of dish duty. Or give a coupon for a 15-minute walk or to play two games or to finish one of your brother’s chores. The possibilities are endless. Whatever you decide, it’ll be great! Copy this coupon as many times as you want, and fill in the blank. You can punch holes along the edge and tie the book together with some ribbon or string or just staple it.

    New Era Magazine, 2018/1Dec

    Memory Keeper

    Think of some great memories you share with your loved ones. Memories of your childhood, family traditions, funny stories, or memories of them. Write them down on strips of paper, popsicle sticks, or even in a notebook. You can also find photos, draw something, or cut pictures out of a magazine to go along with the memories. Once you’ve got your memories and pictures, gather them together in a jar or in a notebook. Copy or cut out this label and attach it to your jar or notebook. Your family member or friend will love reading those memories!

    Christmas Cards

    Make a homemade Christmas card. To get you started, here are a few shapes to cut out. You can copy the shapes first or just cut them out and add them to your cards (see samples):

    New Era Magazine, 2018/1Dec

    Make sure to write a heartfelt note inside. Your cards can be as personal or as creative as you want. All that matters is that they come from you.

    The author lives in Utah, USA.