How can I resist using bad language if I hear it almost all day every day?
September 2018

“Q&A,” New Era, Sept. 2018, 28–29.


“How can I resist using bad language if I hear it almost all day every day?”

Young woman with hands over mouth

Photo illustration by Christina Smith

Here are four tips to help you avoid using bad language?

  • Consider what you watch and listen to. Avoid those things that promote bad language.

  • Try to find better and healthier ways to express yourself when tempted to use a bad word.

  • Ask your friends and family to use clean language around you and give them the same courtesy.

  • Make a choice to do what the Apostle Paul taught: “Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good” (Ephesians 4:29).

Don’t Dwell on It

We can resist thinking about and using bad language by blocking it out of our minds. When you hear someone using bad language, think of something else and try not to listen to their conversations. Memorize a good scripture or hymn you like so that you can have somewhere else to direct your thoughts.

Trevor S., 15, Utah, USA

Make a Decision

When I tell people I don’t use foul language, they are shocked. I tell them it’s because I made a choice early on to not use bad language. As my friends find this out, they try to use different words and phrases to express their feelings. I feel better knowing my friends respect me. I know that by using clean language, I am opening myself to the Spirit.

Rachel A., 17, Arizona, USA

Think before You Speak

It may be difficult, but there are at least three options: to not speak when we know we may be tempted to use bad words, to think before we speak, and to let the Holy Ghost help us control our tongues.

Julio M., 17, Mexico

Be Careful with Your Language

We need to be careful with our language, as it can inflict damage on ourselves or others. Something that I am working on is to read a couple of scriptures before I lift weights instead of listening to bad language. Listening to clean music and watching clean movies can help us control the way we speak.

Jamison J., 17, Texas, USA

Think Positive

Replace the negative thoughts that are bringing the bad words into your mind with positive thoughts. When you fill your mind with uplifting and optimistic thoughts, the bad words will be pushed away.

Adelaide M., 16, Massachusetts, USA