Tucson Arizona Temple Dedication: I Will Prepare
November 2017

“Tucson Arizona Temple Dedication: I Will Prepare,” New Era, November 2017

Tucson Arizona Temple Dedication: I Will Prepare

For youth in Arizona, USA, a new temple brings new commitment to live the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Tucson Arizona Temple

In August 2017, youth in Arizona, USA, celebrated the dedication of the brand-new Tucson Arizona Temple. This temple was uniquely designed to reflect the culture of the area. It features a silvery blue dome in place of a traditional temple spire, and the grounds are home to prickly cacti and other desert shrubs.

Before the dedication, about 2,000 youth from nine stakes gathered to celebrate the temple and local cultural heritage through dance, song, and drama. The program showcased everything from Latin and Native American influences in the area to the Mormon Battalion’s Battle of the Bulls. It allowed the youth to express their faith, talent, and cultural pride.

The Tucson youth also wrote “I will” statements to share how they would prepare for the temple. With their specific goal in mind, these youth turn their hearts toward the temple and press forward with faith.

baptismal font

Makayla H., 13

Makayla H.

Sang “I Love to See the Temple.”

Goal: To learn more about my ancestors before I do their temple work.

“I’m so thankful for the temple. A couple years ago, my mom had a miscarriage. My baby brother’s grave is close to the temple, so we always visit it on the way to the temple. It reminds us that we are an eternal family.”

Isaac D., 15

Isaac D.

Performed a Hispanic cultural dance.

Goal: To gain a better testimony of temples by reading the Book of Mormon before the temple dedication.

“By reading the scriptures, I can feel the Spirit and receive personal revelation. This will help me stay worthy and experience the blessings of the temple. I know this temple is a blessing, and I am grateful to God for it.”

Madeline S., 17

Madeline S.

Performed a rain dance for Arizona’s monsoons.

Goal: To eliminate my biggest distractions—phone and social media—by converting to a flip phone.

“The temple is everything to me. As soon as I step through the its doors, I forget about my problems, and I can feel the Spirit so strongly. I know that everything I need for my eternal salvation comes from the temple.”

Cole C., 15

Cole C.

Performed a Latin dance number.

Goal: To work on my genealogy and do the things the Lord asks of me.

“Every time I go inside the temple I feel overwhelming joy and peace. My dad’s parents aren’t members of the Church, but I know if they don’t accept the gospel, I can be baptized for them after they pass away so we can be a forever family.”

Candace C., 15

Candace C.

Performed a Latin dance number.

Goal: To always be worthy to enter the temple and to teach the gospel to my children.

“The temple helps me feel closer to Heavenly Father. With all the distractions of high school, it’s easy to lose our way sometimes. Having a temple so close is a reminder that we are not alone. We can go there to feel comforted and serve others.”

Emma J., 18

Goal: To attend the temple every week.

“When the temple was being built, some of the stone was stuck in Turkey. We all fasted for the temple stone to arrive safely. Sure enough, it was soon located and shipped to Tucson. Now every time I see the stone in the temple, I am reminded of all the hard work and faith that it took to complete. It is so much more than a beautiful building—it’s a place of peace where I can feel God’s presence more than anywhere else.”