Apply What You Heard
November 2017

“Apply What You Heard,” New Era, November 2017

What Did You Hear?

What Will You Do?

Listen to the Lord’s voice through conference. then follow through on the promptings the Spirit gives you.

2017 October General Conference:

Following Prophetic Counsel Will Change Your Life

President Henry B. Eyring said: “Our hearts … remain changed only as long as we continue to follow the prophet’s counsel. If we stop trying after one burst of effort, the change will fade.”

New Era Magazine, 2017/11 Nov

Shared Stories

You’re not alone. We asked youth from around the world what they learned from conference and what they’re doing differently because of it. Read more of their responses at youth.lds.org.

Setting Goals

Shared Stories

Photographs courtesy of Diego L. and by Getty Images

I was struck by Elder Cook’s talk. He said that we need to be humble, overcome hurt feelings, and forgive others as many times as Heavenly Father forgives us. I also noticed that a lot of speakers talked about studying the Book of Mormon. Because of this, I have made two goals: (1) to become a more humble person, and (2) to read the Book of Mormon because even though I was born into the Church, I’ve never read it. I am grateful our leaders are concerned enough to teach us about these important things.

Diego L., 16, Región Metropolitana de Santiago, Chile

Not Alone

youth voices

Photographs courtesy of RaeLynn D. and by Getty Images

President Uchtdorf, Sister Oscarson, and Elder Holland helped me to not feel alone. In today’s world, it is so easy to feel alone, but I now know we are not. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are always with us. We do not need to beat ourselves up to have worth in God’s eyes. Satan can try to make us think evil things about ourselves, but what he says is never true. My goal is to help others feel of worth and know that they are not alone. I will try to do that for myself as well.

RaeLynn D., 17, Tennessee, USA

Answers to Questions

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Photographs courtesy of Isaak R. and by Getty Images

Before conference I had two questions: (1) How can I keep a good attitude and help my friends when they make bad decisions? and (2) How can I testify of the Church without people making fun of me? During conference, the Spirit testified to me that I am not alone. Now I know that by studying the scriptures with all my heart I will receive answers to my questions about my friends. I know that my Father listens to my prayers, and I will strive to be better each day.

Isaak R., 13, Pichincha, Ecuador

Truly Blessed

Shared Stories

Photographs courtesy of Connor N. and by Getty Images

As always, general conference was amazing! I really liked Elder Rasband’s talk about how God is in the details, orchestrating everything. I’m going to work harder at keeping the commandments so that I can have Him always in my life. After conference, I have a renewed desire to serve my family and those around me at school and at Mutual. I also learned about the importance of forgiveness. I’m very thankful for the leaders of the Church. We’re so truly blessed to have living prophets!

Connor N., 15, Idaho, USA

Inspired by Conference

youth voices

Photographs courtesy of Madelyn B. and by Getty Images

I was inspired by general conference. The instruction from our leaders to serve others, trust Jesus Christ, and hold steadfastly to the iron rod testifies to me that this gospel is true and that we can obtain eternal salvation by keeping the commandments and following the word of God. I have set goals to be of more service in my community and to strengthen my testimony through daily prayer and scripture study. I know that I am a daughter of Heavenly Father. He lives and loves me forever and always.

Madelyn B., 16, Delaware, USA