When People Open the Book
September 2017

“When People Open the Book,” New Era, September 2017

When People Open the Book

Elder Benjamin Baradi, Philippines Bacolod Mission

On my mission I’ve seen people who drink, smoke, and use drugs open the Book of Mormon, turn from their ways, and come back to their families and the Church. I’ve seen prodigal sons return home and serve missions after they opened this book. I’ve seen broken families read the Book of Mormon together and be sealed in the temple afterward. I’ve seen people who are totally desperate and don’t know what to do open this book, and everything begins to fall into place.

The moment I open the Book of Mormon and use a verse to help someone, miracles happen. The power of God lies beneath those pages, waiting for a life to change, waiting for a miracle to unfold. I can promise you that miracles happen every time you open the Book of Mormon. They may not always be what we want them to be or happen when we want them to happen, but they will happen.