Fun Stop
September 2017

“Fun Stop,” New Era, September 2017

Fun Stop

Fun Stop

Double Take

These two pictures of LDS youth in Peru are almost identical. Can you spot the 10 differences?

Lights, Camera, Hink Pink!

Do you remember hink pinks (see Mar. 2017 New Era)? A hink pink is a rhyming pair of words with the same numbers of syllables that answers a riddle. This time, the hink pinks are fake movie titles! Woot!

Example: In this sci-fi thriller, a 12-year-old Aaronic Priesthood holder transforms into a metallic robot. After a night in the rain, his joints don’t move as stealthily as they should. The Squeakin’ Deacon!

  1. Sir Galahad is on a quest to bathe in the Crystal Pools of Enlightenment, which will allow him forever after to emit a soft glow in the dark.

    __________________________ ___________________________

  2. Tired of his older brother stealing his orange on Christmas morning, a budding young electrician wires raw current to his candy-holding vessel on Christmas Eve. Will his plan save what is rightfully his?!

    The ________________________ _______________________

  3. Dr. Frankenstein decides to combine a five-foot lizard with a flesh-eating fish to create a truly heinous creature.

    The ________________________ _______________________

  4. What begins as a minor spat between two friends soon becomes a sweeping argument among all 16–17-year-old young women in the stake!

    ___________________________ __________________________

  5. Recently escaped from the black lagoon, this diabolical villain is masquerading as your new math instructor at school.

    The ________________________ _______________________

  6. Their tents were pitched, their marshmallows were roasting. It was almost time for Dracula’s grandson to make his move on the unsuspecting humans. ___________________________ __________________________

  7. Before marrying Ronald Weasley and assuming his last name, Hermione completes a series of high-risk missions that earn her this nickname.

    ___________________ ___________________

  8. A young man discovers a mystic portal that allows him to travel to distant worlds for social activities with young women.

    ___________________ ___________________

  9. This superspy must uncover a sinister plot involving sinks, pipes, and mayhem by working undercover during the hottest months of the year.

    The ___________________ ___________________

A Riddle Tricky

The following riddle has two answers. (Hint: One is a name; the other is much simpler.)

I am one amidst six brothers. Without me there would be no golden plates, no sword of Laban, no Book of Mormon. I’m repeated four times in the book’s table of contents. You remember me every time you say, “I will go and do.” I worked in ore and made tools. I built a boat. So you won’t find me in Jerusalem—I live in a land of promise.


Double Take

1. People on sidewalk, 2. logo on shirt, 3. color of construction equipment, 4. window on building, 5. wristband, 6. color of stripe on sweater, 7. shirt underneath jacket, 8. number of stripes on pants, 9. words on bus, 10. stripe on bus.

“Lights, Camera, Hink Pink!”

  1. Knight Light

  2. Shocking Stocking

  3. Iguana Piranha

  4. Laurel Quarrel

  5. Creature Teacher

  6. Vamp Camp (or Campfire Vampire)

  7. Danger Granger

  8. Date Gate

  9. Summer Plumber