The Extra Smile

    “The Extra Smile,” New Era, December 2016

    The Extra Smile

    youth and leader

    I brought in five large pizzas 10 minutes ago, and there’s not a single slice left?!

    Oh! You can have one of mine, Brother Peterson.

    Ryan Stoker

    missionaries and snowmen

    Elder, I think I’m seeing a vision of us if we don’t get out of this cold soon …

    Jon Clark

    young woman singing

    … Five golden rings!

    Four calling birds,

    three French hens,

    two turtledoves 

    and popcorn in the apricot tree!

    Kevin Beckstrom

    missionaries and Santa Claus

    We were hoping you wouldn’t mind delivering these copies of the Book of Mormon while you’re out.

    Arie Van De Graaff