Mormons Are Christians

    “Mormons Are Christians,” New Era, September 2016, 47

    Mormons Are Christians

    Joseph P., California, USA

    In discussing religion with my friends, I’ve often heard criticisms that Mormons aren’t Christians. It’s baffled me that anyone could make a claim that a church bearing the name “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints” isn’t a Christian religion. Growing up, I was always told that our religion was based on Jesus Christ, so it seemed natural to consider myself a Christian. But because of the discussions with my friends, I’ve realized more fully what it truly means to be a Christian; it’s more than just a self-proclamation. I’ve needed to gain knowledge of the reality of the Savior before I could sincerely explain to my friends how I know that I truly am a Christian.

    The Book of Mormon has been critical in helping me realize that Christ is the foundation of our doctrine. It is filled with prophecies of Christ and the necessity for His Atonement. As the keystone of our religion, the Book of Mormon helps me explain why I believe in Christ and helps me define what it means to be a Christian as I follow Christ.

    Through this journey, I’ve come to a knowledge that Jesus Christ is my Savior and that everything we do as members of the LDS Church directs us to Him. Jesus Christ is our gospel, and we are Christians.