Fear of Missing Out

“Fear of Missing Out,” New Era, July 2016, 30–31

Fear of Missing Out

Sam Lund lives in Utah, USA.

Afraid of missing out? You might have FOMO.

Fear of Missing Out

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Have you had one of these moments?

  1. FHE is getting started, and while your parents are wrangling your siblings into the living room, you see on social media your two best friends are having fun at an awesome concert.

    Fear of Missing Out
  2. You went to a surprise party for your best friend, but a bunch of people left early to go to another party that had a DJ and a swimming pool.

    Fear of Missing Out
  3. You glance at the clock at Mutual and realize that some of your friends are heading to the park to play basketball right about now.

    Family life
  4. You’re running down the field at soccer practice, thinking about how your family is at the movies without you, and then you trip over a clump of grass.

    Fear of Missing Out

What do you do in these cases?

  1. Post a selfie and brag about what you’re doing right now.

  2. Feel slightly hurt and left out, but don’t say anything.

  3. Complain about it and check your phone obsessively.

  4. Don’t worry about it. You’re happy with what you’re doing.

Don’t worry! There are many ways to get over FOMO. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Recognize it.

    • When you start getting that FOMO feeling, step back for a moment.

    • Realize that those feelings of insecurity, anxiety, and unhappiness are a product of FOMO and that they’re not unusual.

  2. Make the choice to be present.

    • Remind yourself that what you’ve committed to do is important, and think about why it makes you happy.

    • Read “Good, Better, Best” by Elder Dallin H. Oaks of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (Oct. 2007 general conference). It will help you remember that while lots of things are good, certain things are most important.

    • Pray for Heavenly Father’s help to overcome feelings of FOMO.

    • Read these scriptures for strength: Isaiah 41:10; Psalm 46:1; D&C 6:33; D&C 50:41.

    • Think about whom you’re helping by being present.

  3. Enjoy the blessings of keeping your commitments, such as:

    • Feeling the Spirit and having peace and comfort.

    • Knowing you’re doing what Heavenly Father wants you to be doing.

    • Getting closer to family and friends.

    • Gaining more confidence in making decisions.

    • Feeling happier while carrying out your commitments.

    • Realizing what’s most important in your life.