I’m Feeling …

“I’m Feeling …” New Era, March 2016, 23–26

I’m Feeling …

These scripture cards can lift you up when you’re down.

New Era Magazine, 2016/03 Mar
New Era Magazine, 2016/03 Mar
New Era Magazine, 2016/03 Mar
New Era Magazine, 2016/03 Mar

No matter how you’re feeling, God knows you, loves you, and understands what you’re going through. In fact, He loves you so much that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to perform the Atonement so you could overcome challenges, be happy, and return to live with Him again (see John 3:16). That may not seem easy when you’re feeling down, but there’s a place you can go to find help: the scriptures.

The following cards describe great examples from the scriptures that show how God is always there for you. So whenever you’re feeling sad, lonely, or frustrated, you can pull out these cards, turn to the scriptures listed, and know that God is with you.

Instructions: Cut out these cards and hold them together with a loose-leaf ring, string, or ribbon. You may want to laminate them or keep them in a sheet protector to help them last. You can download more copies for friends or family at lds.org/go/feelingNE316.


Christ felt all the sadness I will have to experience, so He can comfort me.

Doctrine and Covenants 121:1–9: While in Liberty Jail, Joseph Smith felt despair because members of the Church were suffering, and he was too. He prayed and received reassurance. God will be with me when I turn to Him for comfort.

Additional Scriptures:


Christ overcame everything, so I have nothing to fear.

Mark 4:36–41: The disciples were afraid when they were out at sea and caught in the middle of a wild storm. Christ calmed the storm with the command “Peace, be still.” When I am afraid, I call on the Lord, and He will help me feel calm.

Additional Scriptures:


The Lord knows how to solve every problem I face, so I can rely on His Atonement.

Joseph Smith—History 1:5–20: Joseph Smith felt confused about which church he should join. He asked God and got an answer, which led to the Restoration of the Lord’s Church. When I’m feeling confused, I pray to God, and He’ll answer me.

Additional Scriptures:


The Savior took my sins upon Himself so that I can be forgiven and freed from sorrow and guilt.

Alma 36:16–21: Alma the Younger committed some serious sins, but he was still able to be forgiven and have his burden of guilt taken away. By repenting, I can have the peace Alma describes.

Additional Scriptures:


I can overcome discouragement as I seek to understand Christ’s Atonement and access His power.

Alma 26:27: Ammon reminds his brethren that when they were feeling discouraged, the Lord comforted them and promised to give them success. God makes that promise to me if I will turn to Him.

Additional Scriptures:


Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, I can receive faith and strength to endure all things.

Mosiah 24:13–15: The people of Alma were slaves to a wicked taskmaster. They prayed and received strength to bear their burdens. When I’m overwhelmed, God will strengthen me too.

Additional Scriptures:


I can find answers to my questions in the gospel and trust the Savior to help me overcome any doubt.

James 1:5-6: James encourages me to ask God if I do not understand, but he gives the admonition to ask in faith. He understood that asking questions leads to a desire to understand, while doubt leads to unbelief.

Additional Scriptures:


Christ’s grace can give me the patience to overcome frustration with myself and others.

2 Nephi 4:16–35: Even Nephi, as faithful as he was, got down on himself. When I’m trying to overcome my weaknesses, complete a task, or withstand temptations, I can find comfort in knowing that God will help me and provide peace.

Additional Scriptures:


Christ suffered for me because He loves me and knows of my infinite worth.

Luke 15:3–7: The parable of the lost sheep shows that the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ, will do anything to recover one lost sheep. I’m worth so much to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ that They provided a way to return to Them and be like Them.

Additional Scriptures:


The Lord knows how to succor me and because of Him I will one day be healed from all my sicknesses.

Luke 8:43–48: While on earth, Christ healed many people. I can be healed too. That healing may not come immediately or in this life, but He’ll comfort me (a form of healing) and completely heal me in the Resurrection.

Additional Scriptures:


Because Christ suffered the Atonement for me, I do not have to endure any trial alone.

Job 1:21–22: Job suffered terrible things, including the death of his children. He endured by relying on the Lord. When I turn to the Lord by coming to know Him, I will see that I’m never completely alone because He is with me.

Additional Scriptures:


Christ’s mercy and grace will give me strength to overcome challenges even when I feel weak.

Alma 2:27–31: When the Nephites were in battle, they turned to the Lord and He strengthened them. As I face all kinds of spiritual and emotional attacks, I might feel weak, but the Lord will strengthen me.

Additional Scriptures:


Any hurt I feel can be healed through Christ’s Atonement, and His love will inspire me to forgive others.

1 Nephi 7:6–21: Laman and Lemuel bound Nephi and threatened to leave him in the wilderness. Nephi prayed and, with the Lord’s help, was freed and forgave his brothers. I can also pray, feel peace, and find strength to forgive.

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