Can I Care for the Poor and Needy?

“Can I Care for the Poor and Needy?” New Era, March 2016, 40

Can I Care for the Poor and Needy?

Jesus Christ is the perfect example of how we should serve others. But can you care for others as He did?

New Era Magazine, 2016/03 Mar

Can I Reach Out to Someone?


Got it! Give a compliment, invite them somewhere, or just ask them about themselves. Christ often focused on individuals who needed Him. (See John 4:7–30.)

No one comes to mind. Practice looking outside of yourself. Oftentimes the people who need your love the most are the ones who go unnoticed. (See Luke 10:30–37.)

Do I Have Extra Time?


I haven’t moved in 3 hours. Service project anyone? Get off the couch and use your free time for something awesome! (See Romans 12:10—11.)

I can spare a few minutes. Waiting for a class to start? Dinner not quite ready yet? Look around and see who needs your time. (See Philippians 2:4.)

No matter how busy you are, there’s always time to think of others. So, how much time?

Prayerfully think about who might need a kind word or a friend.

Has the Lord Blessed Me with Talents?


How can I use my talents to help others?

That’s easy! The best way to use your abilities is to help others. How did Christ use His talent for storytelling? (See Matthew 13:34.)

Uhh … Some talents aren’t as obvious, like listening or being kind, but they can still uplift others. You DO have a gift you can use to serve others. (See D&C 46:11.)

Do I Have Material Things to Give?


What can I give?

I have a job. I can spare some money. Next time you hand in your tithing, add a little extra for fast offering or humanitarian aid. (See Isaiah 58:6–12.)

I haven’t worn this coat in a while. Gather up any clothes, gadgets, or food you can do without and give them away. (See Matthew 25:34–40.)