Questions & Answers: My friends say seminary is amazing. What’s so ‘amazing’ about seminary?

“Questions & Answers: My friends say seminary is amazing. What’s so ‘amazing’ about seminary?” New Era, January 2016, 42–43

Questions & Answers

What’s so “amazing” about seminary?

Attending seminary is a great way to add spiritual food to your day as you learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Where else during the school week can you feel the Spirit, visit with friends, and have a break from the pressures of school, all while learning more about topics and scriptures that will bless you all of your life? A seminary class from Washington, USA, shared some of the reasons why they think seminary is amazing:

“A lot of our high school life is spent worrying over tests and stressing over our busy schedules. But going to the church every morning gives us peace, so pure and so strong that we could miss it if we’re not careful. The enlightening powers of the Spirit and the scriptures help uplift us amidst our busy lives,” says Alexa P., 17.

Michelle R., 17, agrees. She says, “Quite often the lessons that we have are exactly what I need to hear. Learning about the people in the scriptures helps me know that other people have had similar questions and feelings to mine, and I can learn from their examples.”

Students also appreciate learning more about the scriptures. Caleb W., 16, says: “Every single day of the week I get to strengthen my connection with my Heavenly Father and learn some things about the gospel that I never knew. It makes the scriptures so much more interesting, and I feel a deep connection to them. Sometimes it can be a sacrifice to come to seminary, but it becomes that much more of a blessing.”

As you attend seminary, consider this from “The objective of seminary is to help youth understand and rely on the teachings and Atonement of Jesus Christ, qualify for the blessings of the temple, and prepare themselves, their families, and others for eternal life with their Father in Heaven.”

A Place to Escape the Adversary

Seminary is a place where I can go and learn more about the gospel and share my insights with others. It is a place where I can get away from the rest of the world to feel the Spirit and escape the adversary.

Adam S., 16, Washington, USA

An Inspired Program

In seminary I am able to gain a better understanding of gospel doctrine and the scriptures because of the perspectives and insights of my teacher and classmates. Seminary is a welcome reprieve from the hassles and temptations of the world, and I always leave with a renewed energy and determination to endure and do good. Seminary has helped my faith and testimony grow, and I know that it is an inspired program designed to prepare us to be future missionaries and disciples of Christ.

Ashley W., 17, Utah, USA

A Place to Worship

Seminary is a place where you can worship and share your knowledge of the gospel with others. Seminary will never be forgotten in your heart when you participate and share what you know. Plus, when you have amazing teachers who have a testimony of our Savior and our Heavenly Father, your seminary class is bound to have the Spirit there.

Hayden H., 14, Utah, USA

Gaining Knowledge

The knowledge we gain from seminary is amazing. When you study the scriptures and pray for guidance to understand them, not only will you gain that knowledge, but you will also feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, and that is an amazing thing to have.

Makenna F., 18, Hawaii, USA

Helps Start the Day Right

Although getting up early each morning for seminary is difficult, it is always worth it. Going to seminary each morning helps me start the day off on the right foot; I get to learn new things about the gospel every day. Seminary has taught me about how important it is to ponder the scriptures and think more about what I’m reading. I know that by learning more about the scriptures I can gain a stronger testimony and be able to answer questions that my friends have about the gospel.

Emma J., 15, California, USA

I Feel Peace

Seminary is the place to get away from the worldly things and focus on Christ and our personal conversion. We are anxiously engaged in class devotionals, testimonies, singing hymns, scripture studying, and sincere prayer. The reason it’s so amazing is because of the feeling that we receive from the Holy Ghost. I feel peace, joy, acceptance, and motivation every time I attend seminary.

Alison C., 16, Utah, USA

Gives a Better Understanding of the Scriptures

Seminary has given me a better understanding of the scriptures. Seminary also gives me a spiritual start to my day. I can go to school having already felt the Spirit, which helps me make the right choices.

Braden C., 16, Washington, USA