What You Can Learn from Duty to God

“What You Can Learn from Duty to God,” New Era, January 2016, 47

What You Can Learn from Duty to God

Jonathan Argüello, Venezuela

Actively participating in the activities in Fulfilling My Duty to God requires your whole heart, dedication, strength, and more than anything, faith. Duty to God is truly inspired.

As a young man, you can learn marvelous things that you can apply throughout the rest of your life by completing the goals in Duty to God: spiritual, temporal, physical, and much more.

I can say that it’s well worth the effort to dedicate yourself to completing these goals. I have learned to be a better man, I’ve grown in my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and I have better prepared myself to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood. It’s gratifying to know that I will be able to be a good example to my future children one day because I have accomplished this wonderful, significant goal.