Old Testament Geography

    “Old Testament Geography,” New Era, September 2015, 24–25

    Old Testament Geography

    Old Testament Geography

    See if you can match these places from the Old Testament with their pictures and descriptions.

    1. Dead Sea

    2. Sinai

    3. Jericho

    4. Jerusalem

    5. Red Sea

    6. Damascus

    7. Assyria

    8. Nineveh

    9. Egypt

    10. Jordan River

    11. Valley of Elah

    12. Mount Carmel

    13. Babylon

    14. Bethlehem

    15. Shushan (or Susa)

    1. Where Moses saw the burning bush and later received the law, including the Ten Commandments.

    2. Where David fought Goliath.

    3. City taken by David from the Jebusites; later the site of Solomon’s temple.

    4. Where Esther lived; capital of the Persian Empire.

    5. Its waters were divided so that Moses and the Israelites could cross it and escape their captivity.

    6. Kingdom that was prominent in the Middle East for about 2,000 years; at different times, both a place of refuge and a place of bondage for God’s people; Abraham went here; Joseph was sold into slavery here, became a ruler, and saved his family from famine; Jacob’s descendants lived here, were enslaved, and then were delivered by Moses.

    7. Its waters will be “healed” by waters flowing out of the temple at Jerusalem.

    8. Its waters were divided so that Joshua and the Israelites could cross it and enter the promised land after wandering in the wilderness.

    9. Main city in an empire that dominated in the Middle East from about 607 to 538 b.c.; Israelites were taken here as captives after being conquered.

    10. Where Elijah held a contest with the priests of Baal.

    11. Where Joshua led an unconventional battle involving trumpets, shouting, and falling walls.

    12. Empire that was dominant in the Middle East (850–607 b.c.); conquered and dispersed the northern kingdom of Israel (the 10 tribes).

    13. Where Ruth and Boaz lived; where King David was born and anointed king.

    14. Capital of Syria.

    15. Capital of the Assyrian empire; Jonah was sent to preach repentance here.