Serving Where We Are Asked
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“Serving Where We Are Asked,” New Era, September 2015, 46–47

Serving Where We Are Asked

Erick A., El Salvador

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Illustrations by David Malan

Just before the San Salvador El Salvador Temple was dedicated, my family and I decided to serve at the open house and help those who were not members become acquainted with the gospel of Jesus Christ as they visited the temple. I was assigned to be a guide and speak with people about each room in the temple, about the sacred covenants we make there, and how our lives change when we keep those covenants.

My shift came, and I started my tour. I had just barely gone out of the room when someone asked for an additional guide since a large group had just arrived. I was told to go back to the greeting room to have another group assigned to me.

When I reached the room, I was again asked to change my assignment and show the video to people who were just arriving at the temple. I felt sad that I wasn’t able to speak with people and tell them about the temple.

About a half hour later, a group from the United States arrived and didn’t speak any Spanish. Several volunteers were running around looking for someone who spoke English and could guide this group. That’s when I understood that the Lord sends us where He needs us, not necessarily where we want to be. I was the only one who knew how to use the video and give the words of welcome in English. The Americans were glad and when they were leaving, they thanked me for receiving them so warmly.

At the end of the day, I felt thankful to the Lord for showing me that when we do things the way He prompts us, we will feel satisfied with our work.