Where Earth and Heaven Meet
June 2015

“Where Earth and Heaven Meet,” New Era, June 2015, 24–27

Where Earth and Heaven Meet

Through photos and poems, teens share what the temple means to them.

Nauvoo Illinois Temple

Nauvoo Illinois Temple, Alex A., 17

Latter-day Saint youth revere the temple as the purest and most sacred of all buildings, a place of beauty where the Spirit speaks and where covenants are made for eternity.

Their love for the temple is evident in the heartfelt joy of their words and the vibrant emotion of the images that temples inspire them to create. Enjoy their poems and photos as you think of the love you also share for the house of the Lord.

Mesa Arizona Temple

Mesa Arizona Temple, Lexi C., 15

The Gila Valley Arizona Temple

The Gila Valley Arizona Temple, Katie G., 14

Denver Colorado Temple

Denver Colorado Temple, Hayden C., 16

Salt Lake Temple

Salt Lake Temple, Nephi B., 16

Manti Utah Temple

Manti Utah Temple, Lynn S., 18

Kansas City Missouri Temple

Kansas City Missouri Temple, Dominique D., 13

Kansas City Missouri Temple

Oh, how majestic it stands!

White spires pointing upward,

Nigh unto my Father,

The angel Moroni like a beacon

Drawing me closer to the Savior.

Joyful we are,

To have such a dwelling so blessed—

A dwelling of refuge,

Of peace, of salvation, of service—

A dwelling I fancy when I rest.

Only the home could ever compare

With the holiness of the temple

We now consecrate.

And through it my family

May live together

For time and eternity, so complete.

My heart, oh my heart!

May it ever lean to such beauty

And abide here,

For this tabernacle we have made

Is of the Messiah

For now into


Kyiv Ukraine Temple

Kyiv Ukraine Temple, Christopher H., 19

Logan Utah Temple

Logan Utah Temple, Chantel L., 17

Washington D.C. Temple

Washington D.C. Temple, Jasmin J., 21

For Sarine

I step into the font.

The warm water gently laps around me.

Sarine and I have not met,

But I know her; I feel her presence.

My mind and heart turn back

To the frustrations, the searching, the waiting,

To the jubilation of discovering.

It was all worth this moment for her.

A hand is raised, a prayer is said,

While she, behind the gate

Where she has been so long,

Still hopes.

Still prays.

Still waits.

My hands in hands of priesthood authority,

I am buried in the depths.

The water cascades around my face.

Finally, past the gate,

She smiles,

And I feel her elation,

In this place where

Earth and heaven meet.

San Diego California Temple

San Diego California Temple, Hannah M., 16

Where Earth and Heaven Meet
Where Earth and Heaven Meet