Is it OK to use digital scriptures in church?
June 2015

“Is it OK to use digital scriptures in church?” New Era, June 2015, 41

Is it OK to use digital scriptures in church?

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Using digital scriptures during classes in church is appropriate. Two possible reasons why there’s even any question about this are: (1) digital devices with scriptures on them also offer many other distractions, and (2) people who see someone (especially a young person) using a digital device may assume that the person is texting, using social media, or playing a game during church—something a lot of people wouldn’t want anyone to think of them. So, follow the counsel of your parents and leaders when using digital scriptures in class. Of course, avoid digital distractions (especially during the sacrament), and perhaps put your device in airplane mode during church. And if you’re worried about giving the wrong impression, consider using your digital scriptures only in situations and in ways that make it obvious that that’s what you’re doing and not something else.