My Mum, My Book, and My Prayer
March 2015

“My Mum, My Book, and My Prayer,” New Era, Mar. 2015, 47

My Mum, My Book, and My Prayer

Ainsley B., Victoria, Australia


I was stressed out. I’d lost one of my library books and my teacher told me I had to bring it in the next day or I’d get in trouble. My mum and I looked around the whole house, searching under every couch and looking through every bookcase. We couldn’t find it anywhere. I was nervous about getting in trouble at school. My mum suggested we take another look around the house. We double-checked every place and looked in places we hadn’t thought about before. But we still had no luck.

Then my mum suggested that we say a prayer. We knelt down together on the wooden floors and prayed, asking Heavenly Father that we might be able to find my lost book and that everything would be OK. We closed the prayer together and then my mum looked at me and asked, “Where do you feel we should look?” I answered immediately, “My bookshelf.” We’d looked a number of times all through that bookshelf and hadn’t been able to find it, but we still walked into my bedroom to search again. Something immediately caught my attention: a book was hanging on its side, halfway out among the other books. I pulled it out and, sure enough, it was my lost book. I was overjoyed and then knelt down again with my mum and thanked Heavenly Father for answering my prayers.

I know that if we kneel to Heavenly Father in sincere prayer, He will answer our prayers. It may not be immediate or what we asked for, but we will get an answer.