Be an Example
March 2015

“Be an Example,” New Era, Mar. 2015, 14–15

Live the Gospel

What does a missionary look like? Find out by looking in a mirror.

basketball player

Somebody asks, “What does a missionary look like?” You could say, “White shirt, tie, name tag; rides a bike.” But you could also say, “You’re looking at one right now.” And the truth is, both answers should be right.

“Wait a minute,” you say. “I’m not like the elders and sisters, meeting with members and investigators, teaching lessons, devoting myself full-time to sharing the gospel.” No, you’re not exactly like that, but:

  • Remember that basketball game when the call went the other way? You were ready to say some bad words, but you restrained yourself. Did you know someone was watching you and was impressed by your self-control?

  • Or how about the time you stayed after school for a service project and talked with your friend who doesn’t go to any church? You told her that helping others makes us feel good, because by serving them we’re serving God.

The Savior said that people, seeing our good works, will glorify Heavenly Father (see Matthew 5:16). So although you may not always think of it that way, simply by living the gospel, you’re being a missionary.

Your Choice

young man and young woman

In the Book of Mormon, Alma praised his sons Helaman and Shiblon for upholding the standards of righteousness. Corianton, however, had seriously sinned.

Alma reprimanded Corianton not only for his own misconduct but also because of its negative effect on others: “How great iniquity ye brought upon the Zoramites; for when they saw your conduct they would not believe in my words” (Alma 39:11).

Helaman and Shiblon demonstrated the importance of setting a good example. But Corianton showed that being bad not only hurts you but may also hurt others. Just like these three sons, you can be an example for good or for evil. It’s up to you!