You Already Know It Is True

    “You Already Know It Is True,” New Era, Nov. 2014, 47

    “You Already Know It Is True”

    Annika C., Utah, USA

    hands and book

    While working on my Personal Progress, I came across a goal that required me to read the Book of Mormon (Virtue value project) and invited me to pray afterward to know if it’s true.

    Over several months I read the Book of Mormon. When I finished, I eagerly went to my room, kneeled at my bed, and asked God to let me know if it’s true.

    Nothing happened.

    I rephrased the question several times and still felt nothing.

    The next Sunday during fast and testimony meeting, a sister told a story about when she’d followed Moroni’s invitation to pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true. She didn’t receive an answer, so she prayed again and again. As the days passed, she worried about whether the Church was really true. Finally, she felt the Spirit speak to her mind: “You already know it is true.”

    As I listened, I realized that God was answering my prayer through this woman’s testimony.

    I learned that day that He does care. I have a testimony now that God answers our prayers, if we pray sincerely, because He answered mine.