The Extra Smile

    “The Extra Smile,” New Era, Nov. 2014, 43

    The Extra Smile

    dad and kids

    “Hey, where are all of my belts?”

    Val Chadwick Bagley

    boys and dog

    “I’m trying to teach him to speak, but all he wants to do is text.”

    Jon Clark

    girl on telephone

    “I want to go out with your brother, but I don’t want him to know I want to go out with him! You can tell him, but don’t tell him! Maybe you can hint, but don’t hint! You know what I mean?”

    “Maybe I should write all this down.”

    Ryan Stoker

    dad and son

    “Yeah, I can see how a failure to do any of my chores would exclude me from getting any allowance this week. So, do I at least qualify for vacation pay?”

    Arie Van De Graaff