’Maybe I Should Get My Blessing’

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“’Maybe I Should Get My Blessing’” New Era, May 2014, 28–29

“Maybe I Should Get My Blessing”

Ashley Dosdall lives in Utah, USA.

As I studied and prayed about what the patriarch taught, I received a call to act.

Maybe I Should Get my Blessing

Illustration by Ben Sowards

One Sunday, the stake patriarch led our lesson about patriarchal blessings. Before this lesson, I knew almost nothing about these blessings. I’d heard about them once or twice, and my brother had recently received his, but I didn’t really understand their purpose.

In his lesson, the stake patriarch taught us that a patriarchal blessing is like personal scripture. It’s a blessing directly from God with several purposes. One is to declare your lineage in a tribe of the house of Israel. Others are to give you guidance and to promise you blessings Heavenly Father will give you if you’re faithful. The patriarch taught that we should always remain worthy to receive a patriarchal blessing and that we need to turn to our blessing often once we have it.

I listened closely to this lesson and took lots of notes in my journal. During the lesson, I kept thinking, “Maybe I should get my blessing.” That idea stuck.

Later that day, I asked my dad to help me understand the roles and blessings of the tribes of the house of Israel. It was long and hard, but we figured it out, and I recorded what we learned in my journal. It was so neat because I learned some things that I didn’t know before. I also read some talks about patriarchal blessings, and I did some other research on them.

As I studied and thought about patriarchal blessings, I prayed to know if I should receive mine. The Spirit let me know that I needed to get it soon, and I plan to do so. I’m so grateful for the patriarch’s lesson. It helped me understand patriarchal blessings and eventually encouraged me to get mine.