Fun Activity Ideas for Any Occasion

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“Fun Activity Ideas for Any Occasion,” New Era, May 2014, 34–35

Fun Activity Ideas for Any occasion

Need an idea for Mutual, family night, or a group date? This new site has you covered.

Fun Activity Ideas for Any Occasion

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You’re sitting in a presidency meeting with two items left on the agenda: (1) ideas for the next few Mutual activities and (2) ways to reach out to Taylor, who hasn’t been to church in months. Now look at the two items again; perhaps the solution to each one is tied to the other—the Mutual activities may be exactly what you need to help Taylor and others feel welcome.

Now you just need some activity ideas that will interest Taylor. And the perfect choice may be waiting for you at With over 165 activity ideas (and more being added regularly), the site can help you find something for any need. Just check out these cool features.

Huge Selection of Ideas

Quickly browse through activities in the following main categories to find one that fits your needs:

  • Service

  • Missionary work

  • Future roles

  • Temple and family history

  • Communication and relationships

  • Sports, camping, and outdoors

  • Arts, music, and dance

  • Physical health

  • Spiritual strength

  • Stake and multistake activities

Fun Activity Ideas for Any Occasion, May 2014 New Era

Great Activities for Youth and Families

With such a wide range of activities, you’ll find something that works for many settings:

  • Mutual

  • Family home evening

  • Reactivation efforts

  • Personal Progress, Duty to God, or Come, Follow Me support

  • Group date ideas

Quick Search

Wondering what activities you could do with photos, scavenger hunts, or drama? Or maybe you know you want something on mission prep or Personal Progress. Just use the “Search” feature to type in keywords to help you find activities that fit.

User Reviews

Not only do you get the activity ideas themselves, but you can read reviews from others and see how they’ve adapted the activities to their needs. (See how one family created an adaptation for “human foosball” at You can post your own reviews or creative twists too.

Your Chance to Share

If you’ve participated in a great activity that isn’t featured on the site, submit your idea and it may get published! Just click on “Submit Idea” near the top-right corner of the page.

Quick Sharing to Calendars

Once you’ve planned an activity, it’s easy to spread the word to members of your ward or Young Men/Young Women group through the email or ward calendar options.

Planning Tips

Get great ideas to know how to use your activities more effectively with the “Plan with a Purpose” walk-through feature.