Christmas Craft Kits for Kids
December 2013

“Christmas Craft Kits for Kids,” New Era, Dec. 2013, 45

Christmas Craft Kits for Kids

young women

Photograph courtesy of Debbie Twigger

Young women in the East Midlands area of England wanted to do something special for the holidays to help out children in their community. Together with their Young Women leaders, they created 80 different handmade craft kits for children at the local hospital. These kits allow children who are patients to make crafts or do fun activities while they stay at the hospital. The kits include flycatchers, mobiles, puzzles, paper dolls, and puppets, all of which are ready for the kids to make.

“I was really happy to serve the children,” says 15-year-old Bethany H. “The feeling we got was nice.”

The young women built the kits during Mutual activities. When they delivered the craft kits, they also brought brand new Christmas decorations for the hospital. The project helped brighten the holidays for all involved. “I’d like to do it again,” Bethany says.