Focusing on Christ at Christmas
December 2013

“Focusing on Christ at Christmas,” New Era, Dec. 2013, 14

Focusing on Christ at Christmas


A Savior Is Born, © 2000 Joseph Brickey

With all of the wrapping paper, boxes, and bows drawing us to the more material side of Christmas, it can take some effort to keep our celebrations centered on Christ. But remembering Him is what will help us feel joy during the Christmas season and focus on its real meaning. Read how youth from a ward in California, USA, keep Christ in Christmas, and consider what you can do to do the same.

“I keep Christ in Christmas by thinking of my family more than the gifts under the Christmas tree.”

Lauren G., 13

“I come unto Christ by reading about Him and pondering why I need Him in my life.”

Jensen K., 13

“Our entire family gathers together in the living room and reenacts the nativity on Christmas Eve. It gives true meaning to the season.”

Jacob W., 18

“My family has collected storybooks about Christmas. Some of the stories are from prophets of our Church. We try to read together every night in December, and on Christmas Eve we read about Jesus’s birth in Luke 2. During Christmastime, we also invite less-active families or those not of our faith to go to Church activities or to see the lights and shows at the temple. As I see them enjoy the spirit of Christmas, I come closer to Jesus Christ.”

Quinlan W., 14

“Each morning in December, I say a prayer and ask the Lord to help me feel the spirit of Christmas and find a way to serve someone that day. At the end of the day, I think of one act of service someone has done for me and thank Heavenly Father for that service. This helps me keep Christ in Christmas because I am acting more like Him. In the process, I find myself partaking in the true spirit of Christmas: the ability to serve and share the love and light of Christ with those around me.”

Haley M., 16

“My family and I spend time together and keep Christ-centered traditions alive. We bake plates of goodies to take to friends and extended families, and we help a less-fortunate family in our community. We also visit the temple to see the wonderful Christmas programs and the lights. I spend extra time at Christmas reading about Jesus’s life and birth in the scriptures and thinking about what Jesus did during His earthly ministry.”

Bridget W., 16