Spiritual Superheroes

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“Spiritual Superheroes,” New Era, July 2013, 34

Spiritual Superheroes

Victor W., USA

This year amazing superheroes came to visit our house on Monday nights! Each superhero resembled a member of the family, had a special superpower, and taught an important testimony-strengthening lesson that encouraged us to improve our relationships with one another.

For example, one week Media Man taught us how to shield our eyes from inappropriate movies, TV shows, and magazines. Another week Fit Miss explained how we could develop superhuman strength by exercising regularly. Bee Still, a superhero dressed as a bumblebee, taught us how to stop buzzing around and bee reverent at church and at home. Word Girl explained when and how we could give more compliments to each other. Thankful Girl, Do It Yourself Dude, Scripture Scholar, No Sass Lass, Missionary Man, and other superheroes also attended our family home evening lessons.

I am grateful that my family members thought deeply and carefully about what problem in the family they wanted to address as a superhero. We all looked forward to family home evening, and we had a wonderful time during each superhero visit. I am grateful that each time we pondered a problem in our family, Heavenly Father inspired us with an idea to teach one another more effectively. These are superhero memories we will cherish forever.