Enlightened in the Dark

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“Enlightened in the Dark,” New Era, July 2013, 35

Enlightened in the Dark

Hérica S., Brazil

I will never forget the family home evening lesson we had during a power outage. Without power we could not read anything, and I thought that family home evening was going to be a disaster.

“How will we have family home evening without being able to read a message from the Church magazines, or how will we be able to sing from the hymnbooks without light?” I thought to myself.

Fortunately my sister came to the rescue. She had the great idea for us to sing the hymns we knew by heart and then share what we had learned the Sunday before. We all shared a principle and learned from one another. In my opinion, learning together is the purpose of family home evening. I am certain that the Lord was very pleased that we kept the commandment to have family home evening, even without lights.

I know that the Lord doesn’t want us to return to His presence alone. He wants us to return with our families, and He wants us to do everything possible so that this happens, including holding weekly family home evening.