3. What Do I Do When a Parent Is Hostile toward the Church?

“3. What Do I Do When a Parent Is Hostile toward the Church?” New Era, Dec. 2012, 41

3. What Do I Do When a Parent Is Hostile toward the Church?

Elizabeth: You have to gain your own testimony.

Katie: Reading the scriptures prayerfully has helped me a ton.

Elizabeth: Conference talks help me. And Mormon Messages videos [see lds.org/go/122F]. I love watching Mormon Messages and Mormon Messages for Youth [see lds.org/go/122G].

Katie: Call upon Heavenly Father for help. I can’t do it without praying for strength every day, to help me get through the day and to know what to do, to be in tune with the Spirit so I know how to act when difficult circumstances come up.

Elizabeth: Never lower your standards, because if you do it for one occasion, then it’s easier to bend for others. And I try to be patient with my mother.

Katie: What helps me the most is to look at her like a child of God. My dad gave me a priesthood blessing because I was having a hard time with my mom. In the blessing he said my mom is a daughter of God like me. It really helps to look at her like that. I’m going to help her as much as I can. I can’t give up on her. I see her as Heavenly Father’s child.

Elizabeth: If you keep going and endure through the trial, it makes you stronger.

Katie: If contention is in the room, just walk away. Don’t invite any more of it than is already there.

Elizabeth: Always leave the door open. It’s never too late for her to change.

Katie: Yeah, just keep that in mind, as hard as it is. It’s never over.

Elizabeth: She can change.

Katie: Know that Heavenly Father knows the desires of your heart. So if you’re trying your best to do what’s right, though your parents aren’t letting you go to church, He knows your heart.

Elizabeth: If your parents don’t let you go to seminary, you can do it by yourself in the morning. I did last year; my seminary teacher gave me a book to study with. You can study your scriptures. You can always do something good. And whenever you are able be around members at Church activities and meetings, it lifts you up and makes you get through the next week.

Katie: Just know you’re not the only one out there. There are others like you.