Growing Together as Deacons

“Growing Together as Deacons,” New Era, Dec. 2012, 22

Growing Together as Deacons

Although they look very different, these two young men have a lot in common.

two young men, one tall, one short

Photograph by Mindy Raye Friedman

Tyler W. is six feet (1.8 m) tall, has red hair, and wears size 13 shoes. Gerrit V. is four feet eight inches (1.4 m) tall, has brown hair, and wears size 2 1/2 shoes. But although they are physically different, their families call them “twins” because they are best friends and have a lot in common.

Gerrit and Tyler are both 12 years old and in the same deacons quorum. They both enjoy playing sports, spending time with their families, and learning new things. They also both have testimonies of the gospel and strive to honor the Aaronic Priesthood. “We need to fulfill our priesthood duties so that we can learn,” Gerrit says.

Both of them enjoy fulfilling those duties by passing the sacrament and collecting fast offerings.

They also help fellowship other deacons in their ward by inviting them to come unto Christ. “If someone’s not there, one of us writes a note to him with all the things we learned at church. Then we give it to him, saying, ‘Please come to church,’” Gerrit says.

Gerrit and Tyler also participate in Duty to God. They have each made plans to read the scriptures more. “It can really help your belief and strengthen your testimony,” Tyler says.

These young men are deacons just like you or the ones you know. There are things that make them different and things that make them similar. But most important, they are both children of God and want to serve Him, united in their priesthood quorum.