“If,” New Era, Nov. 2010, 49


If I could go to Galilee

And walk where Jesus walked

And sit in tender grasses

On the hillside where He taught.

If I could sit and ponder

On a rock that knew His hand,

Or walk along the seashore

Where His feet had touched the sand.

My spirit yearns within me,

But it doesn’t seem my fate.

I’ll never walk where Jesus walked.

I’ll never see … but wait.

I worship in His temple

Where I know He’s walked before.

Have His feet been down this hallway?

Have His fingers touched this door?

Has He stood here in this very room

And looked at what I see?

In the beauty of His temple

I can feel His love for me.

I close my eyes and picture Him,

My worries melt away.

I don’t need to go to Galilee

Or travel far away.

For my tender heart is filled

With what He wants me to be taught

And my testimony burns within—

I’ve walked where Jesus walked!

Photo by Jenica Heintzelman