Finding Answers
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“Finding Answers,” New Era, Nov. 2010, 14–17

Finding Answers

General conference messages often hold answers to the questions that you or your peers may have.

Why is it so important to gain my own testimony?

What should I say when people ask me about the Church?

Can I still repent?

Do I have to be so different from others?

How do we keep the Holy Ghost with us?

Why is chastity so important?

Why don’t I get answers to my prayers?

Why do we have so many rules and commandments?

Why do we call ourselves the only true church?

I don’t really know if I have a testimony. What can I do?

Is there anything wrong with having sleepovers?

Should I change friends?

Should I be the one who decides what I can do with my body?

What’s so wrong about staying out really late?